With the introduction of advance technologies, many people have begun to have the impression that “Humanoid robots are no longer dreams.” CUBE began its research and development efforts based on the concept of creating humanoid robots in the toy industry in the spring of 1999. We named this project Cube Robot Project (CRP.) When building a truly humanoid robot, the first technical challenge was how to make a robot walk with two legs like a human. After 2 years and 7 test models, CRP finally came up with a model, CAM-08, that could walk straight on a flat surface and then we successfully miniaturized it in 2003. CRP will continue its efforts in order to go a step further.
COM-80 Finally, a truly two-legged walking robot is here!
CAM-08 20cm
After spending 2 years to overcome the technical challenge of making a robot that can walk with two legs like a human, CRP has finally come up with a truly humanoid robot, CAM-08.
You need to see it if you love robots. You use a remote control to start and stop the movements. The robot’s eyes flash and it makes sound as it walks.
The unit comes as a kit with some assembly required.

※ AA batteries x 3 (for the motor), LR44 x 4 (for Infrared receiver) and AAA x 2 (for remote) are required.
※ Test batteries included.
COM-10 Miniaturized model is here!
CAM-10 Clear
Clear Blue

After the successful launch of our two-legged walking robot, CAM-08, in 2001, CRP has released its miniaturized version, CAM-10.
Although it's only 10 cm high, that two-legged walking technology remains the same. We have not only miniaturized the size but also successfully achieved the attractive low price by eliminating the computerized controls.

※ One N-type battery required.
※ Test batteries included.
CAM-10 walks with two legs.
Humping Dog
USB meets LOVE
ハンピングドッグ パッケージ
CAM-BABY(White)  10cm
CAM-BABY(Green) 10cm
CAM-BABY(Blue) 10cm
It has been 5 years since CUBE ROBOT PROJECT (CRP) introduced CAM-10.
Now, we are pleased to show off our new model, CAM-BABY! Although CAM-BABY still wears a diaper, it will respond to a clapping of hands and start walking. It will stop after 15 seconds but when you clap your hands again, it will walk again.
However, it sometimes falls and cries like a baby. A brand new walking system has been developed for this model to make it move more like a baby. In addition, its eyes blink and the head and arms move as it walks. You can see that we've packed a lot into the little body!

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