ROCKY photo 腹筋ロッキー
After spending his last few dollars to buy a ticket to watch an underdog no-name fight his heart out for the world heavyweight championship on closed-circuit TV, Sylvester Stallone was so motivated by it that he wrote the screenplay for Rocky in just three short days. Fighting to live and realize the American Dream, heavy weight boxer “Rocky Balboa” became synonymous with that struggle found in everyman. The movie continues to have a great impact on young people still today.
The Rocky figure will keep crunching diligently until disconnected!
Crunching ROCKY (ROCKY BALBOA) 7.5cm
Crunching ROCKY (APOLLO CREED) 7.5cm
Crunching ROCKY (CLUBBER LANG) 7.5cm
When Crunching Rocky is connected to USB port, it will start doing crunches like crazy!

Requirement: A personal computer with a USB port
This product is compatible with any OS.