New model, Otamatone Digital, launches in popular Otamatone series.
    Otamatone Digital is keyboard style.

    You can enjoy playing cords of one octave and a half with Otamatone Digital.
    In addition, Otamatone Digital enables to enjoy various kinds of sound by changing mode switch.
    Let’s enjoy the ensemble with your friends!

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    Co-developed with a hot new entertainment unit,
    Bye Bye World, here is a clapping toy that enables
    you to clap with one hand!
    Squeeze the handle and soft and squishy hands
    will come together to clap.
    You can’t stop clapping! Totally addictive!
    Perfect for a change of pace, parties, music events,
    and sports events!

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    Maywa Denki is one of Japanese leading artists of the day
    and 2014 marks their 20th anniversary. Na-cord, their early
    masterpiece and originally an extension cable, has come back to
    life as a convenient USB cable with micro connector!

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    ●Otamatone Deluxe!!

    Introduced in 2009, Otamatone, a toy-like electronic instrument is
    offered in new ginormous size and it’s called Otamatone DX!
    ●You can not only enjoy the same Slide technique and
     the Mouth technique easier than before
     but also DX gives you much more as a musical instrument.
    ●Set the Octave switch to Low, Mid, or Hi level.
    ●Connect headphones, an amplifier, or speakers with a
     3.5mm stereo mini jack.
    ●Connect AC adapter to DC jack; use a commercially available
     AC adapter to enjoy playing without limitation of battery.
     See the adapter specifications below.
    ●It comes with an exclusive strap with the Otamatone logo.

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    ●Chihuahua Whistle

    New friends of Otamatone are updated.

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    ●Otamatone MELODY

    ●Otamatone COLORS

    ●Otamatone WAHHA GO GO MODEL

    New friends of Otamatone are updated.

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    Various new items are updated!
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    Here are our new items from the cult-following Happy Tree Friends!
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    Love sounds! Dance side-to-side!
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    Enjoy KETA KETA laughing!
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    Otamatone is an easy-to-play electronic musical instrument.

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    ●SHY BOY

    Shyboy will blush when you type love.

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    Clap your hands! Then the baby walks with his eyes flashing!

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    ●Crunching Dog

    Check out our new dogs. They do crunches!

    ●USB OWL

    A sleepy owl has come from PC forest. 

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    ●Humping Dog

    Here come the new colors of Humping Dog with WORLD's attention!

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    ●Self-Destruction Button Mobile

    A simple and streamlined design! The smallest Self-Destruction Button in the series!

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    USB Engine HUB -Mortorcucle type-

    Experience the realistic exhaust sounds and powerful vibration!
    It's a USB hub beyond your imagination!

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    Will be on sale in the middle of October.

    CUBE, Japanese toy company, has just opend the English website.

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